Responsible Farming

" Fresh Farms works closely with non profit organizations that create social strategies, open opportunities and develop the potential of our community".



During the first half of 2020 a total of 10,196 people where treated in the nurseries located inside our four vineyards in Sonora, México. Additionally a total of 7,288 medical services were given during our health brigades season, including:


Due to the collaboration with ISEA (Adults Education Sonora Institute) the 4 facilities we have in Sonora have become Field-School installations since 2007, bringing education close to the people that works with us.

In January 2019 a total of 565 new students enrolled in our programs and by June 132 graduated from Elementary and 87 from high school.

Community & Culture

The Molina Foundation has been working for the past 11 years to bring better social and cultural experiences to our communities where activities like communication skills training, sports tournaments, movie nights and more take place regularly.