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Items marked with the icon are part of our Organic harvest.
Table Grapes


Prime Seedless

Superior (Sugraone)

Flame Seedless

Summer Royals

Black Unknowns

Sweet Globes

Cotton Candy


Sugar Crisp

Sweet Celebration

Red Globes

Sweet Sapphire

Sweet Bond (2018)

Organic Table Grapes

Flame Seedless

Summer Royals

Sweet Globes

Cotton Candy

Sweet Sapphire

Superior (Sugraone)

Zucchini squash

Yellow squash

Gray squash

American Slicer Cucumber

English cucumber

Fresh Pickles

Green bell Peppers

La Rouge

Colored Bell Peppers


Green Beans

Spaguetti squash

Butternut squash

Acorn squash

Kabocha squash

Yellow Sweetcorn

Bicolor Sweetcorn


Organic Vegetables

Zucchini Squash

Yellow Squash

American Slicer Squash

English cucumber

Green bell Peppers


Mini Melons

Cantaloupe Melons

Our Commitment

The ways we grow, distribute and enjoy our food should celebrate our various cultures and shared humanity. Providing not only sustenance, but justice, beauty and pleasure.

At Fresh Farms we are committed to focusing on details, by taking care every step of the way to create a healthier, more just and sustainable food production process, leaving the land better than we found it.